Use a Programmable thermostat – Programming your thermostat at 65 degrees at night and then back to 72 degrees during the day equals considerable yearly savings. Check the seals around windows, doors, electrical outlet and any areas where air can escape – seal them. Use a good quality caulk and be sure to check the […]

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks It’s fall in Florida! How can you tell you ask? The colors on the licenses plates are changing. Yes, I know, you’ve heard that one before. Since many of our fall/winter residents need to maintain 2 or residences, we at Our Service Company came up wit a check list to help […]

What is Energy Management? Energy management is the strategy of adjusting and optimizing energy production and energy consumption units. The objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and ultimately, cost savings. Here are a few facts: The food service industry spends $10 billion on energy each year. Up to 80% of that energy is wasted by […]

Is air conditioning safe for babies? This is a common question that I get asked from first time parents of new borns. All evidence points to a yes! Most doctors agree that it is safer to use an air conditioner with a newborn than to let them stay in a hot, airless and humid environment. […]

Top Air-Purifying Houseplants Did you know that your home (old or new) could be harboring unhealthy (and invisible) toxins? These chemical compounds are found in emissions from paint, plastics, carpet, cleaning solutions, and numerous building materials. There are 3 major offenders:- Formaldehyde: in carpets, upholstery, glues, paint Benzene: in plastics, synthetic fibers, lubricants, rubber, pesticides, Trichloroethylene: in […]

Money Saving Tips: Air Conditioners In most homes located in warmer (tropical) climates –  Florida homes included, air conditioning accounts for approximately 50 percent or more of the annual electric bill. Here are some tips to start controlling your energy consumption. Keep your thermostat at 78° with the fan switch on “auto.” Turn ceiling fans […]

Hurricane A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone or severe tropical storm that forms in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and in the eastern Pacific Ocean. A typical cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms, and in the Northern Hemisphere, a counterclockwise circulation of winds near the earth’s surface. Hurricanes are huge […]

Protect Yourself From Summer Heat Not only is Sunday June 21st Father’s Day, it is also the first day of summer (Summer Solstice 2015); And according to the National Weather Service, It is going to be a hot one! Here are some tips to keep you from over heating: Stay Hydrated! Good old H2O is […]

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs The average US household dedicates approximately 5% of its energy budget to lighting. According to Energy.gov, replacing your home’s five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with energy efficient models can save $75 each year. Using timers and motion sensors will save you even more money by reducing the amount […]